Echoes of my Neighborhood

BumperSnickers! That’s what I like to call this week’s Echoes. Actually, I didn’t realize what a challenge this idea would be. A decade or more ago, bumper stickers were everywhere! But when I decided to actually capture a few snapshots, I discovered that it is a dying form of passive communication. We have gravitated to other means  of speaking our mind…Twitter, blogs, social media, “memes” and vanity plates! I spend just under an hour to and from work each day on the road, so I do find them entertaining. At any rate, I did manage to snap a few while I was out and about.  Happy Thursday!

I do actually…well not me…my dog! I have an English Mastiff. Drool is everywhere from floor to ceiling. We keep wipe rags on hand just in case!

I can relate to this one! My dog is my BFF! 🙂

Now this is more like it! Reminds me of the good old bumper sticker days!!!

Something tells me this person knows how to take life easy…:)

This one is definitely interesting!

What they said…I consider myself one of the sane ones.

Alma Maters are popular in my neighborhood!

A utility vehicle. Pinch point does not sound good.

I see this often. I like it. Why can’t we all just get along…

A profession of faith…

Had to throw this one in. Not a bumper sticker per se…but definitely a fun message! Ha!
This is a weekly feature inspired by Jacqueline at her blog A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales. 

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