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when seen through
droplets of rain
appears much gentler
than the reality
of boundaries and edges
dreamlike water-colored daubs
bleeding…buried mem’ries
rising from the depths
softening now
eyes welling
warm with

~ kat ~ 14 November 2014

(Poetry Form: Ascending/Descending Sept)

Reflections on a Street Lamp in the Rain


Through rain droplets
ambient lamp light glows warm
love is in the air.

lamps shine
dreamlike through
fat rain droplets
guiding me

I hardly noticed
it was raining that evening
when I saw you there
waiting under the lamp light…
like moth to flame, besotted.

~kat ~9 November 2015

A Haiku is a 3 line poem/syllables: 5-7-5; a Sept is a 7 line poem/syllables 1-2-3-4-3-2-1; and a Tanka is a 5-line poem/syllables: 5-7-5-7-7. I discovered this triune format through a poetry challenge and love the flow of it. J


In the beginning
Seed pods burst from Gaia’s heart
Springing forth in song.

Kissed each bud
swelling in bloom
As fragrant

On beds draped in mist
Cool Autumn’s nip then rendered
Back to Gaia’s breast
A host of slumbering seedlings
Under blankets Winter white.

~ kat ~ 4 November 2015
(Haiku, Sept, Tanka)

A trilogy of verse in response to Poetry Challenge #4 – Seasons. Thanks to Jane Dougherty for the opportunity to expand my poetry vocabulary. To read more or participate click HERE. ❤️

Thinning Veil – A “Sept” for the Season

A photo taken by Kat Myrman on the Haunted Savannah Walking Tour.

A photo taken by Kat Myrman on the Haunted Savannah Walking Tour. Note the spectre in the upper window! I highlighted it for you. Next day we went back. There was nothing in that window that could’ve made that image! 🙂

thinning veil
the spirit world
on the

~ kat ~ 28 October 2015

This week’s Sept Challenge #3 from Jane Dougherty. The theme is “Halloween, Samhain, Toussaint, All Hallows, whatever you want to call it—the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. This is the time when the dead are close, our waking world and the otherworld touch, the door between them is open.” If you’d like to see more Septs or join the challenge, click HERE.

(A Sept is a Seven Line Poem with the following Syllable Count: 1-2-3-4-3-2-1)

Swans…A Warning

Photo Credit: Adam Gerrard /

Photo Credit: Adam Gerrard /

but don’t intrude
or suffer

~kat ~ 28 October 2015
I’m afraid I am a sept behind…or is that step? But I had so much fun with my first foray into this new poetry form, I couldn’t resist giving it a go.  To see more Septs on this prompt: “Swans”…Click HERE.

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