fish stick Jesus … thoughts and prayers

Fred Whan’s Fish Stick Jesus
David Howlett’s Naan Jesus
Toby Elles’ Frying Pan Jesus
Fish Stick Jesus

He was sighted on a fish stick,
on a pancake and grilled cheese,
Some say it was a miracle
so the faithful flocked to see.

They found him in his glory
on a toasted slice of naan
he gazed from ripe banana peels
and from unrinsed fry pans.

I know you won’t believe it
but they saw him in the clouds
as if coming for his chosen
from amongst the gathering crowds.

Ever watchful for their savior
leaving no stained rock unturned
the hopeful ever seeking
eager for his grand return.

So He came to them in person
wide-eyed, lost, without a home
in the hopes that they would know him
welcome him in, as their own.

But they ne’er saw him coming
turned away and closed their ears
for he looked too much like “others”
that the righteous ones all feared.

“We’ve just enough, we’ve none to spare,
don’t bother us,” they said,
and hovered round their idols
of his images instead.

When end of days for each one came
they waited at the gate
to give account of their life’s deeds
and learn about their fate.

“We saw you everywhere,” they said,
“and gave you proper due…
enshrined your image high and low
we stayed forever true!”

To their surprise the Master then
did shake his head and say,
“I only came to see you once
‘twas then you turned away.”


NaPoWriMo2023 Challenge – Day 7: a list poem. For today…after being buried in expense reports, power point presentations, spreadsheets, for about 12 hours straight, my brain is a bit fried. But never fear, I found this gem in my archive, written almost a decade ago. It fits the list requirement rather well, I think. Tomorrow, if the fates are kind, I’ll prepare a fresh baked poem. Until then, Peace and Love my lovelies! 😉

7 responses to “fish stick Jesus … thoughts and prayers

  • Michael Moore

    This reminds me of the year I spent in San Antonio, Texas for Clinical Training with the Air Force. There were six Chaplains in my class and two were Roman Catholic priests. With the large Hispanic Catholic population, there were numerous reports on the news about Mary sightings. In the condensation on a storm door, the stump of a tree that was cut down, on the mildew on a garage, on a tortilla… we were merciless in teasing our priest colleagues and wondered if Mary got frequent flyer miles!

    Of course now I have a very healthy respect for and love of Mary… she continues to inspire and challenge me. Of course our dear Sister Cheryl Anne might have something to do with that! 💖🌹✨

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    • Kat Myrman

      What a fun memory Michael. We humans are ever hopeful seekers. Like fledglings, imprinting on anything that might resemble our source of hope. My catholic upbringing conditioned me toward the seeking and mystical. I must admit I’ve “seen”or at least imagined seeing images in tree hollows, rocks, and clouds. ☺️

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  • Peter's pondering

    A wonderful poem Kat. I wonder if a twelve digit code is now needed to open the pearly gates, with verification by a one time only text code?

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    • Kat Myrman

      Thank you Peter. I wonder…though I do remember there was a monastery who called my mother soliciting donations several months after my father passed. They told her that they had spoken to him directly only a few days earlier and that he had already made a commitment to donate…I’m guessing they might know! Too bad I don’t remember the name of the monastery! 🤪🤣😂 My mother, told the solicitor that she probably should donate to them…especially if they had just spoken to my dad WHO DIED THREE MONTHS AGO!!!! Before she hung up on them!!!

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  • willowdot21

    This is beautiful and so darn true. We need to open our eyes and ears and help everyone in we can for they are Jesus .
    One a lighter note here is singing Jesus💜

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