Kimo Days 20-21

I took a long weekend road trip (Friday off from work) to reconnect with two dear friends. It had been decades since we three were all together. We live hundreds of miles from each other but we have stayed in touch, thanks, in part, to social media. We rented a small apartment and had tickets for a play, starring the daughter of the youngest of us.

Of course, the weekend was too short. We promised not to let decades pass before connecting in person again. short as it was, every moment was a comfortable reminder of why our friendship has lasted all these years.

So I’m catching things up here tonight, warmed in the afterglow of a too short weekend that was perfect in every way…grateful that I happened to meet these two girls decades ago. We are silly together…we can all just be when we’re together, and that is a rare gift.

there’s never enough time, never enough
weekends crammed with things to do
a work-life balance ruse

but sometimes…sometimes…the chores go undone
we remember why and who
the most important things


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