March Pi-Archimedes #1

the art of the spiel

i could be
by your idealistic opinions
things like reality and facts
meant anything, but as it stands you seem delusional


For March I’m going all out Geek by featuring a daily Pi-Archimedes poem! Feel free to join me if you like! πŸ˜‰

The Pi-Archimedes verse is:
β—‹ a hexastich, a poem in 6 lines.
β—‹ measured by the number of words in each line 3-1-4-1-5-9 to match the numerical sequence of the first six digits of Pi.
β—‹ unrhymed.


The background for this series is an Ulam Spiral. The Ulam spiral or prime spiral (in other languages also called the Ulam cloth) is a graphical depiction of the set of prime numbers, devised by mathematician Stanislaw Ulam in 1963 and popularized in Martin Gardner’s Mathematical Games column in Scientific American a short time later. It is constructed by writing the positive integers in a square spiral and specially marking the prime numbers.

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