November Naani #17

a caravan of refugees
treks a thousand miles
on the wings of kindness,
a new life waiting


When I’m not working, or writing, or taking care of my menagerie of rescue pups and kitties, I sometimes get the honor of becoming part of a caravan of kindness, transporting abandoned animals from shelters to their loving forever homes.

This weekend we have Sweetie and her seven puppies on deck. Our leg of the trip is the halfway mark of a nearly 1300 mile journey over 3 days for these beautiful souls. I am reminded that how we treat the outcasts, the refugees, the least among us, says a lot about our hearts. At least for today, kindness, in the hearts of several dozen people is alive and well. Doing my part to add a little kindness to this troubled world of ours. Peace and puppy breath! ❤️

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