Headlines – Terza Rima 2e

hosting cool tea, the Queen, with a buffoon
who’s sure to tweet about their great rapport
as talking heads explode in fake news rooms


Story behind today’s headlines…NATO was a total embarrassment. But to hear the orange blimp it was a yuge success with him single-handedly doing what no other US president before him was able to do…making the European nations to pay up…um…except, it was a lie as pointed out by President Macron whose press briefing immediately followed. No matter, he is on to subject his vile presence on another allied front, the UK…so sorry. Understandably expats from the US are advised to lay low by the US Embassy. Good advice. The shit is sure to be flying…right up there with baby blimp…well played UK, well played.

Thanks again Jane for prompting this Daily Poetry Challenge!

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