Headlines – Terza Rima 2c

jesters entertaining kleptocracy

while the kangaroo court is in session

oligarchs cash in on democracy


Behind the headlines…the cesspool thickens here in the US, Supreme Court nominee sure to set us backwards 200 years…and one who believes a president should not be prosecuted. I can see why his bio rose to the top. It appears the UK has their own Brexit issues, resignations, infighting. On an ongoing issue, Trumpsters are trying to spin the lie that the parents separated from their babies are rejecting their own kids saying they don’t want to be reunited with them. It’s a lie. The truth is they (trump and his ilk) have no records to link these families and can’t find half of them. Blame the victims…so evil. On a positive note, all of the Thai soccer players and coach have been rescued. Ending on good news as Trump heads to NATO… my condolences to the world.

Thanks again Jane for this Daily Poetry Challenge.

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