Headlines ~ Daily Terza Rima 2a

lost niños, trapped in cages, unsafe, keep
minors in a cave, worlds away, found
valued in unequal measure, mothers weep


Week 2 of July’s Terza Rima (a stanza a day) Challenge. This week’s theme is Headlines (I am sure to have a plenty to rhyme about!) Thanks to Jane Dougherty for this poem a day challenge. It keeps the creativity flowing. 😊

4 responses to “Headlines ~ Daily Terza Rima 2a

  • Jane Dougherty

    I like how you link the two—one’s fine, the other’s tragic. That’s right, isn’t it?

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    • Kat Myrman

      Yes…it’s quite a contrast. Obviously there are concerned people here who are fighting for the release of the detained immigrant children…but it is the governments of these two scenarios that are most glaring. Ironic that the demons in the US who support detaining children are staunch “Pro Life” Republicans…so they say. Clearly, and this is no secret, they only care about the “life” that gains them votes, the unborn, because it is a wedge issue that rallies their stupid base. The only lives they care about are their own. 😡


      • Jane Dougherty

        I’d never accuse a politician of having convictions, but the pro-lifers’ supreme argument about life being sacred and all that sanctimonious shi*e is so wrapped up in the various other ‘traditional’ values, that usually mean women getting the fluffy end of the lollipop, you wouldn’t expect it to follow any known logic.

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