The Battle is Real – NaPoWriMo 2018 Day 2


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The Battle is Real – A Cleave Poem (see below for instructions on reading a Cleave*)

you know you want to / oh, I really shouldn’t
no one will notice / but it’s my favorite
just go for it while no one’s looking / of course I can’t; I won’t
you know what they say / the guilt would kill me
better to ask for forgiveness / all it would take is one look at my face
than beg for permission / and they’d know it was me
so go ahead  / just walk away from the table
take that last cookie / you don’t need the calories
it’s calling your name / let someone else
savor every sweet bite / eat the last cookie
somebody has to / you have manners after all
might as well be you / there is reward in doing the right thing


For Day 2 of NaPoWriMo 2018’s Challenge. Prompt: write a poem that plays with voice.
This is an example the battle that happens inside my head between “good me” and “naughty me”. I thought a cleave poem would be the perfect format.

*Read it top to bottom three times, column one first, then column two, and finally the entire line across.



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