‘You, too, have come where the dim tides are hurled
Upon the wharves of sorrow, and heard ring
The bell that calls us on; the sweet far thing.’ —W.B. Yeats

she was somebody’s somebody
before the great unraveling
a loving soul with grace to spare
a heart of love, overflowing

she was known by many a name
she was somebody’s somebody
a daughter, sister, mother, friend
a welcome guest and confidant

then a tempest, fierce, chaotic
ripped through the world, left from right
she was somebody’s somebody
her children scattered to the wind

these days she clings to memories
hope can be a cruel reminder
but she still loves with grace to spare
she was somebody’s somebody


A Quatern for Jane Dougherty’s A Month with Yeats: Day Fifteen, inspired by today’s quote from the ‘The Rose of Battle’.

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