Mr. Big


“Don’t get too close to that thing Ethan. Come back over here. He’s gonna be here soon.”

He was late. He was always late. Just this once, not for her but for Ethan, she had hoped he would come through. Ethan was getting older and needed to know his dad. 

After an hour she shrugged, “C’mon buddy, doesn’t look like he’s coming.”

“That’s okay mommy,” Ethan grabbed her hand sensing her disappointment. “He’s prob’ly busy saving somebody or something.”

She smiled, “You’re probably right Ethan.”

“It’s better this way,” she thought, “absent fathers are always bigger than life.”

~kat ~ 15 March 2017
(98 words)

For Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields Friday Fictioneers Challenge based on this photo by Jennifer Pendergast.

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