Liberated – A Three Line Tale

Photo by Sandis Helvigs via Unplash

“Of course you are welcome, you are always welcome to join us for the holidays, but as always, we ask that you abide by our rules, namely, no discussion of politics, religion and social issues allowed.”

I understood the rules because I had smiled silently invisible at their table many times before, politely passing stuffing, turkey and congealed salad to the right, always to the right, but this year for the the first time in years, I liberated myself from this annual masochistic ritual and declined their veiled invitation. 

In response they feigned their disappointment, relieved, I imagined, that they would be free to spew their misinformed, caustic blabber, unfettered by my silent winces from across the room, saying simply, “We will miss your face.”

kat ~ 24 November 2016

A Three Line Tale based on the photo above. More along the theme this week of letting go and nurturing my soul as I enjoy a peaceful Thanksgiving with my significant other at the Chinese Buffet. I am thankful, so thankful this year for the freedom of choice, for love and friendship and for family in small managed doses. May you find peace and harmony in simple pleasures this most unusual holiday season. 

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