The Gift


Photo by Wolf Schram

“You aint from ‘round here are ya’ mister?” that’s what I said to him when he pulled up to the curb there and got out of that yellow chevy of his.

He says to me, “No bub, I’m not, but here take these,” and he hands me the keys, gives me a wink, and says, “take good care of her will ya?” like I’m some car park valet or somethin’.

So anyhow, I jest been sitting here waitin’, takin’ care of his old classic, even polished her up for him while I been waitin’, but it’s been over a week an’ I’m startin’ to wonder if that feller is comin’ back or if I jest got me a new damn car!

~kat – 22 September 2016


A Three Line Tale for Sonya of Only 100 Words based on this cool photograph by Wolf Schram.

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