Birth Story 

Of course I knew that there’d be pain
from others who had gone before,
nightmarish tales of blood and gore,

but never did one soul refrain
from telling me that I’d forget
the horror of it all and yet,

as each unpleasant milestone came…
the morning ick, the evening swell,
the doubt that I’d survive this hell,

the wondering if I’d regain
my waist, as my expanding girth
prepared my body for your birth.

I swore never, never again
should I in fact from this survive,
my predecessors surely lied

and you may think that I’m insane
but I can tell you it is true,
I did forget, when I met you.

kat- 21 September 2016

For Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge: to write a poem about pain using words to channel it into something beautiful, with this rhyme pattern: abb acc add aee … I chose one of my own photos rather than the one provided – dedicating this one to my daughters. 🙂

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