Do You Ribbit or Croak?

Time to get silly for my haiku blitz this evening. Did you know that toads are frogs? The dry land variety, but all part of the same classification…amphibia. I for one did not know this. (How ever did I make it this far in life?! It’s a wonder! :D)

Until now. I thought they were totally unique…like dolphins and porpoises. If you don’t know the difference between these two, it’s time to flex your Google fingers and learn something new! Never stop learning my friends!

Whether you ribbit or croak, a frog can be a toad or a frog…it’s all relative 🙂

some frogs are just toads
in need of dermabrasion
and moisturizer!

kat ~ 19 September 2016

For Haiku Horizon’s weekly challenge. The prompt word this week is “Frog”.

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