Having a bit of fun as usual with TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge. He gave us a Theme: Retro and a Prompt: Reflect. I wondered to myself if there was such a thing as a “Retroreflection” and to my surprise, there was! It all has to do with lights and lasers and prisms and reflections. Basically it is when light bounces off the side angle of the inside corner of a prism to the other side and back forming a reflective ray that is parallel with the source ray. I also learned that it is the science the behind the reflective paint used for street markings and traffic signs! Who knew?

At any rate, here’s a little diagram for you and my Haiku.  Have a lovely Tuesday! 🙂


This diagram is from Edmund’s Optics Worldwide’s webpage titled: Introduction to Optical Prisms. Click HERE to learn more!

Retroreflection – A Haiku

prismatic parallel rays
yes, it is a “thing”!

kat ~ 6 September 2016

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