Bending…The Rules


The aftermath of a derecho. The tree was in my neighbor’s yard; it’s upper branches soon to fill my back yard past the second floor of my house! Fortunately it only took out our fence and two pine trees that we wanted to remove anyway. 🙂

This week’s Haiku Horizon Challenge word prompt is “Bend”. I have seen what damage can be done when trees stand too rigid against the wind. And I have seen what can happen when a friendship is tested requiring one party to bend too far. In this case there is a fine line between helping and enabling. A good friend knows the boundaries. 🙂

Here are my Haiku then…one about bending and one about knowing when to stand firm. 🙂

Bending…The Rules

good friends will often
bend over backwards to help
but not enable

deeply rooted trees
may only survive tempests
by learning to bend

kat ~ 6 September 2016

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