April Poetry Month-A Word a Day #10

Happy Sunday and Happy 10th day of Poetry Month. Today’s poetry form is a perfect blend of left and right brain…the poem itself, a blend of elements, seasons, earth and sky. It is the perfect poetic storm…at least in my own mind! And you will recognize an old friend, my fairy tree lady.

Because she was so near an oak tree when I first noticed her, I assumed that she was an oak sapling. But this spring I discovered she is, in fact, a dogwood tree!

Serendipitous! Don’t you think? What better form could there be, but the Fibonacci…expanding cyclically into infinity! The whole idea of it makes me smile!

A Fibonacci Poem is a 6-line poem that follows the Fibonacci sequence for syllable count per line. It is expandable if you are mathematically inclined…alas, I am not. So I will stick to the basic form. But for those who want to give the expanded version a try, I’ve included the equation sequence to give you a start! The standard version syllable sequence is 1-1-2-3-5-8. The expanded version is calculated as such:
and so on and so forth…to infinity and beyond

Here then is my take:


Photo Credit: Kat Myrman 2016

The Dogwood Lady

bare limbs
weathered winter,
now adorns herself in
a flowing gown of dogwood blooms.

kat ~ 10 April 2016

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