Nesting – A Monotetra


Photo Source: Pixabay


Paper scraps, moss and bits of twine
Feathers, leaves, wisteria vines
A compost cup of mud and slime
Where nestlings dine, where nestlings dine.

Bumper pads, diapers, teddy bears
Bassinets, booties, rocking chairs
Gathered in wait for future heirs
A mom prepares, a mom prepares.

Books, newspapers and magazines
Pizza boxes from floor to beams
Collectibles to the extreme
A hoarder’s dream, a hoarder’s dream.

Tattered blankets and cardboard bed
collected things others have shed
A duffle bag to rest one’s head
a homeless-stead, a homeless-stead.

A bit of twine, a cardboard base
Bassinets, booties, books to case
We all build nests to feel safe
We need our space, we need our space.

kat ~ 18 March 2016

A bit late to the party. This is a Monotetra in response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge. For more information about this poetry form or to read other monotetras, click HERE.

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