Amaranthine ~ Friday’s Word of the Day Haiku

Happy Friday! Today’s Word of the Day from is a beautiful, romantic word…Amaranthine. It’s meaning captures the imagination. 

The origin of the word according to states:

Amaranthine comes from the Greekword amáranton meaning “unfadingflower,” formed from the Greekmaraínein, “to fade” and ánthos, “flower.” It entered English in the mid-1600s.

For centuries man has sought some magical elixir that would restore youth and turn back time. Some believed there was an actual fountain of youth on a mysterious tropical island waiting to be discovered! It is the legendary Island of Bimini, to be exact, that Ponce de Leon devoted his later life to finding in order to restore his own youthfulness. 

These days the quest continues. Every bottle of face cream or serum, Botox, hair dye, smoothie power boosters, herbs, vitamins, flower essences, exercise, water therapy, energy treatments…have I left anything off the list? No doubt, there is more…or if not coming soon to an infomercial near you! 

But I admit, I’m a believer. Well, sort of. I believe that the fountain of youth exists deep inside each of us, revealing itself in the twinkle of an eye! You’ve seen it haven’t you? I know I have! 

Have a great weekend! Here’s my Haiku…

Defying the years
An amaranthine grace glowed
From her twinkling eyes.

kat ~ 18 March 2016

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