The Mutt


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Sam never much liked that mutt tagging along, but his buddy Chuck seemed to need him so he put up with it. There were times of course, when Bart (that’s what Chuck called him) proved to be an asset, especially at night. Bart remained vigilant, warning them of approaching intruders, allowing them to sleep, a rare gift on the front. Sam grew to appreciate their tag-a-long but he kept his distance.

No one, not even Bart could have seen it coming. The bomb lurked under the path waiting for someone to trip it. Today, that someone was Chuck. Sam and Bart rushed to him as soon as they regained their own bearing from the force of the blast, but Chuck was already gone.

As the medics carried away his friend’s remains, Sam looked down at Bart, tears in his eyes. “Don’t worry buddy, you’re with me now.”

Sam never much liked that mutt, but now he couldn’t imagine going on without him.

kat ~ 18 March 2016
(162 words)

A story based on the photo prompt above for FFfAW (Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers) hosted by Priceless Joy (PJ). If you would like to ready other stories or enter your own click HERE.

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