Sunday’s Week in ReVerse ~ The Extremes ~ 6 March 2016

cloud9Happy Sunday, The signs of spring are all around here in the Northern hemi. Winter is having a few final hurrahs but her days are numbered. It’s just a matter of time. How comforting to know that the seasons follow their prescribed paths year after year. Just as we weary from the extremes…the cold, the heat…the transitional seasons slip in, right on cue, to give us relief. Spring with its warm, wet fecundity and Autumn with its vibrant, surrendering release. We need the in-between to pause, take a breath and gain perspective.

Today is my in-between. As I lifted verses from the poetry and prose of the past week I began to see that I played a balancing act each day within each piece. Happily I have arrived here today relatively unscathed by the entire rollercoaster ordeal, my usual optimistic, positive self.

It is fascinating to me in retrospect, for truly there were some dark, emotional moments last week. The added burdens of being a caretaker took its toll, exhaustion finally having its way with me Saturday. I slept most of the day. Sleep is good. Generally, life is good. Here in the in-between it’s easy to see. And this is the most interesting thing…I maintained balance through it all precisely because I embraced the extremes, letting the pendulum have its full sway each day eventually settling me back to center softly swaying, giving me pause, time to breathe.

To illustrate this amazing contrast of extremes I give you two lines of ReVerse from each post this week. It is evident from my words that I could have easily lost myself on either side. How clearly the chaos makes perfect sense in retrospect. I know that no matter what the coming week presents, I will survive, thrive even, because of the amazing balancing act of my subliminal self in its ability to center me. It’s a reminder that I am equipped with everything, the tools I need to live this life of extremes…beautiful perspective always to be found in the in-between.

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday’s Week in ReVerse ~ The Extremes ~ 6 March 2016

diurnal dance
                             waning flush
polarized rivals
                            “soft launch”
hint at hidden truths
                            images captured in silhouette
a voyeur is thrilled
                            sitting front row center
while she fumed
much maligned
                            to bloom
some prefer routine
                            chaotic bliss
stir my imagination
                            Cloud 9

unsung, unpaid
                            also called

duties as assigned
when something breaks down
                           a hero with tools
on the wing…
                           fragrant sweetness swirls faintly on the wind   

kat ~ peace out y’all 🙂

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