Even the Sparrows

It’s an odd place to grow sunflowers. Actually, no one really knows how they survive there, with barely a spot of earth to sustain them. But every summer they appear, a hint of green sprouts that soon spread skyward covering the retaining wall.

The birds delight in the sweet seeds, happily fluttering and chattering while nibbling.

People nicknamed this special spot along the greenway Sparrow Way. Some say it reminds them of the bible story that tells how God even provides for the sparrows, so tiny, yet worthy of tender care.

I like to visit this place when I’m facing some impossible situation. And to think. If there is a God somewhere who cares about tiny sparrows, surely there is hope for me.

Wishing you sunflowers!

kat ~ 28 January 2016
(125 Words / Inspirational Fiction)

A little inspiration this week for my friend PJ who hosts this weekly challenge. It’s called Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer. Read other stories HERE. 😊

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