The Honey Tree

The Honey Tree

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“No silly, honey doesn’t grow on trees!”

“But you said we was goin’ to the Honey Tree, Auntie Sue!”

“Yes I did! It’s a special store on Shore Drive. And this is the perfect time of day to visit. When the sun is setting, it gives the store fronts an amber glow.”

“Whatsa namberglow?”

“Amber glow, Sarah. It’s the color of the buildings when the sun sets just so…like gold…do you see it?”

“Oh, I see it…oooh…I like amber glow!”

“Well the reason we’re going to the Honey Tree right this minute is because I heard that the beeswax candles you buy at sunset are magic. You can make a wish when you light them.”

“Any wish, Auntie Sue?”

“Any wish.”

“And your wish will come true?”

“Well I guess we’ll never find out unless we try.”

“You know what I gonna wish for Auntie Sue?”

“I think I might. I’m gonna wish that too.”

“I wish that mommy will get better. That’s what I wish.”

“Me too sweetie…me too…”

kat ~ 19 January 2016
(175 Words)

A story for Priceless Joy’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) Challenge based on the story above. If you would like to read other stories or submit your own, click HERE for the link.

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