Photo Credit: A Mixed Bag 2010

“It’s been there for over a week! Once the snow melted I thought someone would come move it.”

“No sign of movement anywhere near the car, you say?” The Sheriff wanted to be sure before calling the tow truck.

“Nothing. But I have noticed this strange light…”

“Go on…”

“At first I thought it was a flashlight, but nobody has been out there in this weather. This little ball of light just bounces around near the door and then…there! You see it?”

“Hmmm…that is certainly odd. Maybe I better have a closer look.  You stay here Mrs. Martin.” As he opened the door, there huddled in the front seat was the frozen body of an older man. An autopsy later revealed that the poor guy had likely died of a heart attack.

As for the strange light, Mrs. Martin only saw it once more. As the coroner’s van took the body away, the ball of light appeared brighter than she had ever seen it. It made a spiral or two and then zipped over her head disappearing.

“How strange,” she thought. But it left her with a peaceful feeling. Maybe that poor guy was finally at peace too.

kat – 19 January 2016
(200 Words)

A story in response to Sunday Photo Fiction’s Challenge based on the photo above.  If you would like to enter your own story or read the other submissions, click HERE.

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