A Failed Six Word Story Turned Haiku

So, Sometime Stellar Storyteller’s challenge this week was to write a six word story based on the prompt word “Amusement”. I came up with a few. You can read the proper Six Word Stories HERE.

But there was one idea that I could just not hone down to six words. It features my dog and his dizzying happy practice of chasing his tail. He is so amused with himself and so proud when at long last he catches said tail.

I shake my head thinking, “It doesn’t take much to make a dog happy!”…and then I realize I’ve just sat their watching him spin over and over. Apparently, it doesn’t take much to make me happy either! 🙂


This is Maxwell’s happy face.  You can stop laughing now…I’m not amused! 😉

A Failed Six Word Story Turned Haiku
Happy Dog

Chasing tail, spinning,
My dog amuses himself
Silly me…I watch!

kat – 18 January 2016

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