Variations on a Dream

Photo by kat 2015

Poetry challenge #6: two styles of poems from Jane Dougherty. Read more HERE.

The first poem style: Cinquain – syllable rule: five line poem on any theme with syllables following a 2-4-6-8-2 pattern.

Second poem is in the ‘words’ style: 1-2-3-4-1 pattern of words where the first is a noun, the second two adjectives describing the noun, three and four description, emotion, and the last word a synonym for the first noun.


At dawn
Shadows frolic
Cats purr and doves coo coo
Rousing me from restless slumber
To dream.

Word Style:

Diversionary, Nonsensical
Detours from reality
How easily we lose ourselves
Mind tripping.

kat ~ 22 November 2015

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