The Secret

Photo Credit : A Mixed Bag 2013

Anitra gazed at the grand hotel. In just minutes she would meet Gertrude. It had been a long journey since the night she found the letter in her grandfather’s attic. Years of research to find the woman who had apparently meant so much to Pops when he was overseas during the war.

“Anitra, Anitra my dear. I would know you anywhere…welcome. We should get some tea and talk.”

Strange, how would she “know” me, Anitra wondered. “Hello Mrs. Jacobs. I’m surprised you recognized me…”

“Call me Gert my dear. Your mother…how is she?”

“You know my mom? How’d…”

“Oh…you don’t know?! I’m your grandmother, Anitra…your grandfather brought your mum back to the US after the war. He was married of course, so I stayed here. I wanted Julia, your mum, to have the best possible life.”

The color drained from Anitra’s face. What other secrets had her family hidden. Did her mom know? Grammy must’ve known. All those years raising another woman’s child, never having a child of her own.

“Oh my…dear Anitra, I’m so sorry. I’ve upset you. Let’s get you settled. You rest. Your Aunt Hannah and Uncle Jerome will meet you soon enough.”

kat ~ 22 November 2015
(200 Words)

A story for Sunday’s Photo Fiction Challenge. To read more stories click HERE.

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