Like Orbs Passing

Golden globe of fire and
light, Sun spends his
days from edge to edge
‘Cross panoramic spans of
Sky doing what Suns do…
Unaware that passers by
Wake in sleepy dark of
Dawn just to see him rise.

And sister moon, great
Light pretender shadow
dances on her milky
Path, twirling us from
Starlit dust as oceans swell
To kiss the sand, oblivious
Her lunacy has left us
Breathless in her wake.

Orbs that pass, that come
And go, like people do
From day to day, a smile
A smirk, a lock of eyes, we
Too project our fiery light
And sullen shadows each
To each, oblivious to
The difference that we make.

kat ~ 2 September 2015

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