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From the archives…a poem written in 2001…


if you were brave
i could tell you who
i really am
jot my truths and epiphanies
like a grocery list
or like laundry, wet and
beleaguered hang
myself out to dry
it is troubling…normal
doesn’t fit my vocabulary
or my soul
call me lunatic
manic or insane but
i have noticed
the same wind catches
some leaves of grass
leaving others unmoved.
kat 2001

when you ask me to pray…this…


no ceaseless pleas
for favors from
a deity beyond, nor
simple conversations
‘tween some small
imagined voices, nor
yearly rites of gluttony
and sport peppered
with thanks, no final
utterance, eleventh
hour recompense.

a wisp of breath
more subtle,
effortless in present
tense, embodying
the senses in a dance
of elements, where
answers aren’t the
aim and questions are
irrelevant, this is the
prayer I pray for you
with utmost reverence.

kat ~July 22, 2015

(This poem was featured on Women’s Spiritual Poetry Blogspot on August 19, 2015)

Living in the Moment Part 5


…but love

it is hard not
to judge you judging
me, though Love calls
me to turn my cheek
to hand, to bare my soul
again and then some,
suffering darts of pompous
intercession from log-filled eyes,
my tainted flesh assuming.

but Love will have the final
say, and glean the mild sheep from
the gloating goats.

here veiled ‘neath mantle of
pure Grace and nothing
more, to tremble from
self-righteous charity, to
offer cheek to hand, my
soul to bare and not to
judge…and not to
judge…and not to
judge… but love.

kat ~ july 20, 2015

Living in the Moment Part 4

Fragile life hanging in the balance…

…and learning to trust nature’s wisdom as we move this lost baby back to it’s nest.

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