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Speaking of Three – Terza Rima 2 of 3

the Pythagoreans have affinity
for this prime number, short a perfect square
lauded as noble, Triad, number three

no other digits ‘fore or aft’ compare
unless you are a theorist of string
three dimensions mete where flat planes meet air

you may not be into this sort of thing
but any geek will school you if you care
three’s beautiful in hue, red, blue and green


Daily Terza Rima Challenge

Speaking of Three – Terza Rima – 1 of 3

Speaking of Three

With only three days left in July, my final Terza Rima offerings will explore the number 3, stanzas in triplicate. I’ve enjoyed the Terza Rima. Here we go then…

metaphysically, the number three
bespeaks of divine souls who know the muse
theirs is a life of creativity

the alchemy of magic thrice infused
with graces threefold, walking in the light
a powerhouse of elements imbued

those so-called, three, inherit a birthright
optimistic sprites, loyal, filled with glee
three-folks live here with heaven e’er in sight


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