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Echoes of my Neighbourhood

Happy Thursday! With all the chilly weather I have barely made it out my front door for weeks. Except, of course, to head to work and back (gotta pay for that front door!) So I decided since the title of this challenge is Echoes of my Neighbourhood I could share a bit of my drive to the office with you.

This is me and my sleeping buddy…yes it’s Maxwell…and yes I generally wake up happy…much to the chagrin of my housemate who needs coffee before she’s able to deal with the world! 😊

The front step of my house and the audacious little weeds that thrive in concrete and inclement weather! Love those guys! They inspire me!

Heading downtown now…

And then about 5 miles West to the industrial park where I work…but not before passing the Chinese Buffet. Good place for lunch btw! 😊

…and a few more stop lights and we are here…

One last look at the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain Range…

…and another day begins!

Until it’s time to go home to this! ☺️


See other Neighborhoods at my friend Jacqueline’s blog, “a cooking pot and twisted tales” echoes…😊

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