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Pure Poetry – Magnetic poetry Saturday

wander off the
ancient path…
in nature’s
deepest dark
murmurs pure

kat ~ 30 July 2016

It’s Elusive Trope’s Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge. He suggested starting out this week’s poem with “O” if we were fortunate enough to find one in our kit. For future reference, the Nature Kit does not contain an “O”. But the muse still spoke to me. Happy Saturday all! 

Life Path Haiku


Life & Path

Bumpy is the path
to those seizing life fully
suffer no regrets.

Their paths collided
as soulmates spanning life times
promises to keep.

I love life
each twisty turny
path to bliss.

kat ~ 12 April 2016

A few haiku in response to RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge prompted by the words: Life & Path. To read more or enter your own, click  HERE.

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