The Detour


Photo Credit: Louise at The Storyteller’s Abode

The footsteps behind her were persistent. Samantha clutched the camera bag close to her chest. Her heartbeat thudded faster, a dull drone in her ears. Each time she sped up, so did he.

“Just keep moving, Sam. You’ll find the others soon. You only left the tour group for a minute,” she told herself. The air was still, haunting, but for her footsteps and his. She started to sweat. Her lungs were gulping for air as she quickened her pace to a light jog.

The edge of the garden just ahead was surrounded by a wall. Samantha stopped, defeated, realizing the only way to return to the group was to retrace her steps. She mustered every bit of resolve she had, turned, stared intently at the ground and pushed herself forward.

He had stopped walking. As Samantha approached, she could see his shadow, long, dark, looming on the walkway just ahead. “Just walk. No eye contact. You can do this.” The top of his shadow loomed closer…closer…

“Excuse me Miss. You dropped your lens cover.”

kat ~ 10 March 2016
(175 Words)

This story is in response to the Photo Prompt for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) weekly challenge. If you would like to read other stories or enter your own, click HERE.  Thanks to PJ (Priceless Joy) for hosting this awesome challenge and to Louise at The Storyteller’s Abode for this great photo! 🙂



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