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Social media is a wonderful way to connect with family and friends. But it’s also a place where it’s easy to throw out topics you wouldn’t dare bring up at Thankgiving dinner or in mixed company…not as in male-female, but in the political polar opposites so many of us find ourselves. Differing views, honest debate and discussion, are enlightening…But the climate of nastiness is too much.

I’ve gotten good at biting my tongue (it’s a wonder I still have a tongue!) but I find sometimes I just need to get the junk out of my head. So…I write. Tonight’s poem is one of those rants. My heart grieves over what we are becoming.

Woe to all the frenzied faithless
Wide-eyed, gulping baseless lies
Called to act in fear and hatred
Marching to faux battle cries.

Woe to all the masses blinded
Trusting in only what they’re fed
By charlatans, as they’re reminded
All Hope is gone, their God is dead.

Woe to all the haughty righteous
Building walls to hide their children
Claiming charity, their soulless
Lives beholden to greedy men.

Woe to hippocrates and fools
Who seek their heaven here on earth
Excluding outcasts, changing rules
Ensuring that their rights come first.

Woe to the people who’ve lost their way
Who’ve fallen to idolatry
The truth is just a breath away
For ears to hear and eyes to see.

kat ~ 30 April 2016


Photo Credit: rebrn.com

…meanwhile, on a steet corner near you…It’s been one of those  bizarre days! Forgive my tongue-in-cheek take. I just wish we could all love one another and wrap ourselves in some of that amazing grace.

I can spot them
a mile away…
the Thumpers…
afraid of their own
shadows. With quivering
smiles, huddled
in their safe
minded faithless
fools given to
fits of hysteria,
convinced that
peril and ultimate
doom wait just
beyond the gates or
worse, just behind my
eyes. Yes, I can
spot them a mile
away and hear their
prayers for me…it’s
okay Thumpers…save
yourselves, I’m
content to stay lost!

kat ~ 25 January 2016

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