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Haiku Horizons presents us this week with the prompt: Sleep. Here are a few thoughts. Read other haiku or add your own HERE.

We say, “I’ve Lost Sleep.”
as if it’s a thing one finds
misplaced like car keys.

Sleepers do not dream.
They wait in obscurity 
some dreamers to find.

To sleep anywhere…
Some find it to be a gift
Narcoleptics curse.

~kat – 25 January 2016

Mr. Bones


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

“It’s just part time,” Dennie reminded herself. If all went according to plan, the money she earned would one day pay for culinary school.

The anatomy lab creeped her out the most. The students got wind of her aversion to Mr. Bones and often posed him in odd positions. This evening was no different.

Dennie flipped on every light in the anatomy wing and headed toward the lab. As she pushed the mop and bucket through the doorway, there he stood, leaning over a frying pan with what looked like some type of organ…a liver perhaps…clutching a spatula in his boney hand.

After the initial shock, Dennie burst into fits of laughter. Those students had gotten her good this time! How did they know her dream was to be a chef one day?

Warmed by the fact that even in their joking, the students cared about her, Dennie never dreaded cleaning the anatomy lab after that night. She would tell Mr. Bones about her latest recipes. He was a pretty good listener.

kat – 7 January 2016
(174 Words)

This story was prompted by the photo above, provided by my friend P.J. at her blog, Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer (FFfAW). If you would like to read other stories based on this prompt, or enter your own story, click HERE.

Betrayal – A Six Word Story


They risked everything for a dream.

kat ~ 28 September 2015

In response to Benjamin Nicholson’s Six Word Story Challenge #7 on his blog A Hopelessly Wandering Mind.  This week’s Prompt: “Betrayed”

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