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“Do No Harm” – NaPoWriMo #20


ultimately, “do no harm”
whilst rooting through his cavities
one false move ’twould cause alarm

with steady practiced hand disarm
poor Sam of his infirmities
ultimately, “do no harm”

funny bones might lose their charm
guard his broken heart, avoid brain freeze
one false move ‘twould cause alarm

it takes a skilled touch to perform
the tricky stretch, ankle to knee
ultimately, “do no harm”

from stomach where butterflies swarm
to ankles wrenched and watery knees
one false move ‘twould cause alarm

in surgery there’s no lukewarm
one must be sure, determined, you’d agree
ultimately, “do no harm”
one false move ‘twould cause alarm

(NaPoWriMo 2017 #20 – A silly Villanelle Poem (A1bA2 abA1 abA2 abA1 abA2 abA1A2) tackling today’s prompt: to write a poem that incorporates the vocabulary and imagery of a specific sport or game. In case you didn’t figure it out…my game of choice is the Operation Game by Milton Bradley.)

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