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lust and denial…inked

Two poems for this week’s challenge…

Lust and Denial


pain is


so say lovers

who have felt its nip

the excruciating,

throbbing burn of raw desire

for the flesh is truly weak you know

it drives us mad if we ignore it

just a taste of honey’s enough

convincing our denial

consoled by pleasantries

gluttony and lies

avoiding pain

hurts us less

so we



(58 Words in the form of a Reverse/Standard Double Nonet)


Photo by JohannaIris @[/caption]


sterile setting on acid

grunge rock slamming my

eardrums, drone of the

needle pulsing into

my exposed flesh


personified in body art

the pain is exquisite

forever inked, I am

free, conventional

conformation be damned


(38 Words – Free Verse)

Both pieces are for MLMM or Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt: use the line: The pain is exquisite, with no alterations, but anywhere in your piece, AND – however you choose to explore the topic of pain, you must include a counter-effect, balancing/opposite/silver lining, of some type, in your piece as well.

Ode to Spring – A Nonet

Ode to days of inclement warming
when dew collects in fat droplets,
and green shoots burst from the earth;
buds bulge from fragile limbs,
birdsong on the wind.
When days grow long
and nights wane.
It’s time.

~kat – 24 February 2017
(A Nonet Poem)

Eternity’s Bridge


this moment,
pause, suspended
between once upon
and come what may,
midway there
from here
let go
be present
breathe in, breathe out
practice mindfulness
in theory
is not

kat ~ 13 January 2016

A descending/ascending nonet for Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge this week. The challenge is to write a short poem using the prompt “Bridge”. If you would like to read other poems or enter your own, please click HERE.



Photo Credit: Nasa’s “Diamonds in Space”

might think
that it is
the diamond
who seeks out the light
but most surprisingly
it seems that it is the light
in her magnificent splendor
who is wooed by her own reflection
manipulated by each facet
called to dance in prismatic bliss
splintering in ecstasy…
it is the diamond
who holds the power
rendering light
to look

kat ~ 16 December 2015

An ascending/descending nonet in response to Jane Dougherty’s poetry prompt #10 based the photo above, Diamonds in Space, from NASA. To see other verse on this prompt or to enter your own click HERE.

Tomb of the Unknown

Photo Credit: J.R. Munoz-McNally - Sunday, January 13, 2008

Photo Credit: J.R. Munoz-McNally – Sunday, January 13, 2008

The white-gloved, dressed-blue Sentinels walk
twenty-one steps from end to end
so to honor those Unknown
who answered duty’s call
known but to God
their motives
atop a hill…
no widow’s goodbye
nor mother’s mournful cry
yet guarded hour to hour
a nation solemnly declares
none who die for freedom die in vain.

~kat 12 November 2015

This verse was prompted by Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #5…the Nonet with the theme being “war in any of its forms, taken from any angle.”. A Nonet is 9 line verses with syllables: 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. As suggested I added a reverse Nonet as well.  If you’d like to read more Nonets or participate in this challenge click HERE.

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