My Love, The Sea

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My Love, The Sea

A love like hers is rare and true
When first we met, I was a youth
She moves me every time she speaks
her voice is strong; her thoughts are deep

And when she holds me in her arms
I’m overcome by all her charms
I love her kisses salty sweet
In waves she sweeps me off my feet

Teeming with life, ebbing, flowing
Her swelling, swirling, tempest showing
She takes my shallow breath away
Sink or swim with her I’ll stay

She calls to us from terra’s brink
You may just know my love I think
And even heard her siren song
From over horizon’s edge…beyond


This is take two for the Day 10 challenge for NaPoWriMo 2023. I had finally completed a proper chantey of several verses and lovely rhymes, and when I tried to copy it, I forgot I was not on my laptop and with one click found myself staring at a “C” …poem gone forever! I hate when that happens. At any rate, I’m tired and it’s been a long stressful day. But I do love the sea. It’s been too long since I dipped my toes in the ocean. I miss her. Sometimes when the winds are strong whipping through the tree leaves it sounds like the ocean crashing into the shore. I close my eyes, imagine the sea, and console myself in those moments.

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