autumn dawning

autumn dawning

there’s a nip in the air
cricket-song muted
and the random trill
of winter birds breaks
the din, “i am still here”,
they seem to say,
my senses come to life
this time of year, not
in springtime, nor summer,
certainly not in sleepy winter,
but autumn, when sunlight
through the trees bends
into shades of gold,
chartreuse and amber,
warm on my full face
my skin tingling cool,
when the loam prepares
her nest to welcome home
leaves set free on the wind,
when the calendar meanders
slowly toward year’s end
urging me to loose my own
burdens for a brief spell,
survival, loss, longing,
to embrace moments of joy,
peace, contentment, love,
to breathe…
to bake bread for breaking
to make soup for sharing,
to don sweaters and socks,
to tuck my feet into
the crook of an oversized
chair, while sipping tea with
honey as the days grow shorter,
and the gloaming blooms vibrant
streams of crimson, “i am still
here”, i muse, “i am still here”


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