a big deal

a big deal

you should know that
it’s a really big deal, huge,
as a matter of fact, so pay
no mind to the small thinkers and
the shrinking violets who tell
you it’s not all that, and more,
who try to dissuade you from
aspiring to that really big thing
because it is a big thing and
you know it, even if nobody else
knows what it is, you know, and
that’s all that matters…so I’m
here to tell you, you’ve got this,
I’m proud of you, go for it,
don’t look back, but if you do,
you will see me right here cheering
you on, because it’s important to
you, a really big deal, huge
yep, just because of that


Na/GloPoWriMo2022 Day 11 Prompt: write a poem about a very large thing. 

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