january 20, 2021 – USA

january 20, 2021 - USA

it’s time to breathe
to let the stale air that
choked us free, how long
we have waited, our breath bated
for the light to find us in the nooks,
the safe havens we mistook for home,
oh we have been alone, apart
too long, starved for touch, feeling
lost, reeling from too high a cost, in lives,
our very souls, trembling here but for
grace and truth, the truth finally clear,
it’s time to start a new direction, striving
for that perfect imperfection, scary,
messy, hope in balance, sacrifice
our precious talents at the altar
of the whole, united, with one
solemn goal; let history recall this day
when the air swelled, when time shifted,
as we breathed in; as we exhaled
the burden of the past was lifted
and we began to heal


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