time to tell the bees

Background art by “no longer here” at pixabay.com.
time to tell the bees

who among us will tell the bees
the honey-hoarder will not leave
holed up deep within his hive
a brooding lump, by all despised,
but for the few who fill his head
with lies of victory instead
they cannot hide the sting of truth
surely they know, they’ve seen the proof
alas, a new bee-keeper waits
his calm voice speaks of love not hate
in empathy he rends his heart
he understands us, every part
and promises to heal our soul
to care for us, his only goal…
who will tell the bees it’s done
disgrace has lost, decency’s won
so they won’t leave us, so they’ll stay
to fill our honey jars of clay
to fill our lives with sweetness too
with all that’s good and right and true


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