In Too Deep – A Décima

In Too Deep – A Décima

I’ll never say I told you so
there is no pleasure being right
no gloating glare from me, despite
the fact I warned of this…you know.

We’re in too deep, we’ve sold our soul.
The piper’s ruse, out of control,
devours all that’s decent whole,
leaving destruction in its wake.
Now with our very lives at stake
ignorance knows no bounds, it grows.


Decided to give this a go. It’s a new poetry form, the Décima, and a new challenge from RonovanWrites. This week’s prompt word is Grow (C rhyme line).

A Décima is a 10-line poem with 8 syllables per line. The rhyme pattern is: abbaaccddc. Further study of this form indicates that the subject matter of a Décima tends to be more socially conscious than some poems, taking on topics such as philosophy, politics, dogma, and religion. It can also be in the form of satire, criticism or insulting to an enemy/opponent in a situation. 

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