the glass

Would you say the glass

is half empty or half full? Most

days I am happy that there

is anything in my glass! Empty

is not ambiguous; there is no

parsing half or full, it’s nonsense

to those living on empty, if

you could call it empty, because

everyone knows you can’t

possibly be expected to weigh in

when your own coffers are

dry. This is not living, but

surviving, struggling, meting

out drop by drop to make

a little, last longer. Empty

I see their blank stares

as they shuffle by, when

I look in the mirror, on the edge

of hope…Teetering there,

hanging by a thread, I doubt

they have given the half empty

half full idea much thought,

not that they should. You need

to have a glass, to give a damn

when those who do don’t.


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