A Life Dismantled

A Life Dismantled

sifting through the decades
of accumulated stuff
must haves in the moment
diamonds in the rough
for those timeless treasures,
only bubble wrap will do
shake the dust and cobwebs off
comfy well worn shoes
gently slip the photographs
from old broken frames
happy memories mingling
with faces with no names
shedding all the dross
that held me in the past
so to travel lighter
with only things that last
yet another chapter waits
its pages to be penned
each day, the simple gift of life
to live full to the end


I must admit this downsizing thing has truly disoriented me. I find myself clinging to routine, the easiest thing to assimilate to my new surroundings. But I have yet to find that sweet spot, where words flow like honey, where my eyes see things in ways that only an artist and writer can. I’m learning to live off the grid, with its big, starry black-mantled silence, and amber sunrises over distant mountains in the morning. For now they only manage to take my breath away. There are no words apart from the few sing-songy rhymes I manage to eke out. I know she’s in there…somewhere in the recesses of my mind…the muse who so relentlessly pursued me amidst the clutter and cacophony of city life. But here in the country? She must be cavorting with the faeries, giggling from behind downed tree hollows at my dizzy dry spell. I had every intention to start January 1st, full steam ahead. Part of the issue, I think, may be that I still need to unload the stuff we left behind and sell the dark, drafty, century old house I called home for over a decade. I need to be free of it. And so, I will drop a line now and again until I regain my footing. Peace and love to you. Until next glimpse…❤️

11 responses to “A Life Dismantled

  • wideeyedwanderingspoonie

    Oh Kat, it is so hard. We downsized about 13 years ago. Abandoned our 5 year plan, our 10 year plan, our home, careers, and lives. We became wanderers, pilgrims, and poets. It will get a whole lot better, those dark skies will mesmerize you again. In the meantime, put out a little milk and honey for the fairies and see if your muse doesn’t follow. 😉 all the best ~JPP

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  • pensitivity101

    Know what it’s like to downsize……. buying the boat was like living in a thimble, but we got used to it, and loved the life. Now we’re back on land and have more space, but still not a lot! It suits us. You’ll get there and everything will suddenly ‘click’.

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  • msjadeli

    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs tells the tale. We’ll be here when you get back from the ground floor. Enjoy your new environment while you take care of business.

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  • Peter's pondering

    Each glimpse is precious and eagerly awaited. The muse will pop up when she’s ready to. She may be hiding in one of the boxes yet to be sorted, or perhaps taking a well earned break. xo

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  • D. Avery @shiftnshake

    You’ll get back together. Your Muse is a wild cat having to check out all the corners and hide holes. Disoriented makes sense for you and your muse, for now, and coincidentally has five syllables, but who’s counting. Are you set up for painting yet? If the vistas take your breath and words away paint. I wonder what would become of you wondering and writing about the old place. Post pictures and paintings for now. Or nothing at all, we’ll be here when you’re ready.
    Take care.

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  • willowdot21

    Kat it’s wonderful to hear from you whenever you can manage it. Your poem speaks volumes as do your words about your feelings. We will be here when you are ready.
    To grow we need dry periods as well as fertile ones,to all a season. Be well, be happy 💜 💜

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  • Fandango

    Hi Kat. My wife and I are moving to a new home in a few weeks. We’re not really downsizing as much as we are “samesizing,” but going from a two story home in the city to a single story place in the suburbs. But we are still going through all of our many years of accumulated stuff, tossing out things and memories and keeping only the bare necessities. It’s hard to do. And then there will be adjusting to a new house, a new neighborhood in a new town and from urban life to suburban life. I figure it will take at least a month, maybe two or three, to find our way. So I can relate to what you’re experiencing. At least I think I can.

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    • Kat Myrman

      Best of luck to you all in your move Fandango. The best part of moving for us was transitioning to a single story. I love that part. I have lived in country settings before. It’s been a long time though. Winter and short days certainly don’t help. I’m looking forward to spring. 😊

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  • judeitakali

    miss your weekly challenge Kat, it was the first i joined


  • Lorraine

    Maybe your muse forgot your forwarding address. She is probably wandering suburbia or the exurbs looking for you. Leave pen and paper by a window — those are candles to muses.

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