May Day 14

hypocratic boast

them all
trembling heartbeat…
deny their humanity at the gates


The religious right conservatives republicans are at it again; passing their so-called heartbeat laws in line with their radical pro-life agendas…meanwhile children are still separated and being held in cages (at least three have died) at our southern border, Detroit still does not have safe drinking water, our children have been forced to defend themselves to confront deadly shooters in their classrooms to…some becoming tragic heroes, healthcare is once again on the chopping block, and our teachers struggle to make ends meet while educating our children. Pro-life you say? Don’t tell me how pro-life you are…show me by cherishing life once it has breath!

Poetry form for the month of May: Tetractys/5 lines/syllable count 1-2-3-4-10.

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