March Pi-Archimedes Plus #26

Today I am using an extended version of the pi sequence…3.14159265359 because, frankly, I felt like ranting. And because a John 3:16 billboard smacked me between the eyes (not literally) on my way in to work and I’m just tired of self-righteous religious people trying to convert everyone while doing victory dances around their golden “cow”, justifying the lies and hate that have bolstered their “heaven on earth” masterplan to-do list…I’m ranting again. Sorry…here’s the poem…

no thanks…really

i don’t need
by your god of
who uses children as collateral
who raises up monsters, who steals from the poor
i don’t
need a god who would side
with prideful, power hungry idolators
thanks, but no
thanks, i think i’ll be
fine, minding my own business, trying to be kind


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