February Poem #15

Well, I noticed that I completely lost my mind yesterday regarding the format of my fancy invented poetry form, the horatiodet, and missed the mark. I suppose I could blame it on a chocolate high, but after perusing the other offerings this month it seems I’ve missed it a few times! Apparently the horatiodet is harder to pull off than it looks! In yesterday’s case, the final line should have rhymed with the previous line, not the first. As a reminder, the horatiodet is a 5-line mini ode with a syllable count of 5-7-7-5-9 and a rhyme scheme of ababb (not ababa). At any rate, my mistake did not seem to diminish the effectiveness of the poem. But time to get back on track, no looking back, no regrets…

…to amended regrets

if i could i would

forgive myself, my mistakes,

leave the past behind, i should,

but stalled in the wake

of regret there are amends to make


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